BMW EVs Future Will Cost Drivers Their Stick

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It is clear that EV vehicles are what automakers want to focus on right now as more than a few automakers have expressed their interest in offering more EV powered models in the near future but it looks like the manual drivers might not like where BMW is taking things.

Reuters reported that BMW is spending more on developing EV technology and to balance things out, they are looking to get rid or reduce some of the options they have now.

One of the features that BMW is looking to remove from their line-up is the manual transmission. We can’t say that we did not see this coming as interest in manual transmission has been dropping in recent years.

The report also added that the diesel 5 Series engine might also be on the chopping block. While it is clear that EV is what BMW is working on right now, don’t expect to see the i5 or any other vehicles along that line as it is believed that BMW is planning to offer EV options for their existing models.

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