BMW 8-Series Coupe Just The Tip Of The IceBerg

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We have already seen what BMW will have to offer on the BMW 8-Series coupe and now we are getting more details on the Convertible and Gran Coupe models.

We knew that there was more to come after the coupe and now BMW has announced two more body styles that the BMW 8-Series will include. The 8-Series Coupe will be arriving in November while the Convertible and Gran Coupe is expected to arrive in 2019.

Based on what we know that the Coupe model, it is believed that the Convertible and Gran Coupe model will also come in both M850i and 840d specs.

Besides the 8-Series, BMW is also working on the iNEXT concept. The production version of the concept will be arriving in the second half of the year. Other models like the X2, X4, X5, and X7 will be getting an upgrade. One other model that we can’t wait to see next year will be the BMW X4 as well.