BMW 7 Series: Wave Around Like You Just Don’t Care

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We know that BMW is working on a new gesture control system that will allow the driver to control some of the features in the vehicle using gestures. The new system will be called Airtouch and some believe that we might actually see it with the upcoming BMW 7 Series.

The Airtouch gesture system will be on display next month at CES along with the new Vision Car from BMW. The gesture control will come with 3D sensors so that it will be able to read flat hand movements.

The system will allow the driver to control features like navigation, communication and entertainment with gestures although it won’t be the only control it will have. There will still be button controls for those that do not want to use the gesture system.

There is still no details on when the new Airtouch system will be available but we might know more at the CES when BMW put the Vision car and the Airtouch on display.

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