BMW 6-Series To Offer Closure On Potential 8-Series Revival

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BMW have reached a crossroads when it comes to the 6-Series. The car maker doesn’t know if they are going to stick with the formula they have at the moment or whether they should be more luxurious and grow bigger or go smaller and take on the Porsche 911.

It does looks as though the company is now going into the last phase of testing of the BMW 6-Series Coupe and the Convertible. The vehicle is looking smaller than the current one on the market, this tells us that it isn’t going to be spiritual successor to the 8-Series.

So is it going to take on the Porsche 911? It could do so but it may be more of an evolution of the 6-Series of today. The vehicle has been based around the same platform as the 5-Series, but has it now become a driver’s car instead and how much has the platform been modified?

These were questions that were put to BMW but the answer wasn’t direct. It does seem that the upcoming 6-Series is going to enter new ground, but that’s all we know. It was speculated that the M6 would come with the V8 4.4 litre twin-turbocharged engine or maybe the V8 4 litre turbocharged.

At the moment we just don’t have any idea. BMW may be going down the safer route and evolving the 6-Series. They may make the vehicle lighter and the dimensions could be made more compact. We could see the 8-Series revived and it would be a separate vehicle, for the time being BMW isn’t going to go after the Porsche 911. It is thought that they will go for the coupe, this could be shown off at Frankfurt in September and the convertible could arrive 6 months down the line.

For now BMW could be focusing on bringing out a new 5-Series and once they have done this it would be time for the BMW 6-Series.

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