BMW 5-Series vs Mercedes E-Class: The 2017 Face-Off Begins!

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The BMW G30 5-Series is heading to the top of its segment but before it does it is going to have to take on the Mercedes E-Class, so let the face off begin.

Both the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes E-Class are fresh out of the factory gates and this means that the battle between them should be closer than it has ever been. Both are close when it comes to luxury and the technology on offer and both are offered in a wide choice of engines that will cover the needs of everyone out there.

In this case it is the 530d M Sport xDrive going up against the E350d AMG-Line. Both vehicles offer the six-cylinder turbo diesel engines. The BMW 5-Series has the 3 litre twin-turbocharged six cylinder offering 262 horses and 457 torque with eight speed automatic. The Mercedes E-Class has the 3 litre V6 offering up 255 horses and 457 torque and this comes with the nine speed automatic.

Mercedes has done a great job with the E-Class and it offers up a drive that is rewarding and BMW have also stepped up to the plate for comfort and performance. So does the Mercedes E-Class or the BMW 5-Series come out ahead? Check out the video to find out.

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