BMW 3-Series vs Mercedes Benz C-Class In One Helluva Fight

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The BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes Benz C-Class are two vehicles that are in one hell of a tough fight. The Mercedes got a makeover but the BMW didn’t, but which would you choose?

There is the 2 litre engine in the Mercedes Benz C-Class and it has 4 cylinders gives 241 horse power and 31mpg on the highway and 24mpg in the city. There is also a V6 engine to choose and this should offer 21mpg city driving and a 3 litre offering around 29mpg.

The engine in the BMW 3 Series is the 2 litre and this should give 35mpg on the highway and 23mpg in the city with 240 horses.

So would you go for the BMW 3 Series or would you prefer the Mercedes Benz C-Class?