BMW 3 Series Almost Ready For Tesla Model 3

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Because of what the Tesla Model 3 is, people would never consider the BMW 3 Series as a rival for the electric powered model but that might change soon as new reports suggest that BMW is working on electrifying the BMW 3-Series.

As of now, the i3 is the only one we have from BMW but according to Handelsblatt, BMW might be working on an electric version of the BMW 3-Series. If that is the case, the Tesla Model 3 might have a new rival soon.

There is not a whole lot of details right now but it has been suggested that the BMW 3-Series would be coming in with an electric engine that would offer about 248miles of range when it arrives which means it will be offering slightly more than the Model 3.

It is said that we will be seeing the vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year but nobody knows if the vehicle at the event will be a concept or a production model. What do you think?

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