Bloodborne 2 Teased By Developer?

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There is no doubt that Bloodborne was a huge success and because of that, fans were hoping that we would eventually see a sequel. So far, FromSoftware has not made any confirmation about a sequel but the new teaser trailer released at Game Award had fans speculating that the game might be coming sooner than we think.

The trailer is a pretty short one and fans caught glimpses of blood, parchment and also the words “Shadows Die Twice”. All of these does match the aesthetic of Bloodborne but it is just not enough to actually confirm that it is the sequel.

No additional details or release date was announced so everything is in the dark for now. The good news is that at least we know that there is a game coming from FromSoftware but whether it is going to be the highly anticipated sequel, we will have to wait and see. Check out the teaser below and tell us what you think.

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