BlackBerry Z10 Pops Up All Over Motherland, Price Revealed By Retailers

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We have just two days to wait until RIM reveals Blackberry 10 on 30th January. We will then know whether they are offering something worthy of being in our pockets or not. There is some news today, which if it proves true means that those living in Canada could get the Blackberry Z10 on 5th February with Telus and Bell.

BlackBerry Z10 release date and price leaked for Canada

So RIM will be offering BB10 and handsets such as the Blackberry Z10, but will this be enough to put them back at the top of their game?

On 26th January the pricing for the Blackberry Z10 was revealed at £480 and $760 in the US. This then gives an indication of what the price tag will be in Canada. 28th February is the date that has been revealed from Best Buy in Canada and we are confused over this.

If Crackberry prove to be right and the Blackberry Z10 is revealed at the BB10 event on 30th January and Telus and Bell have it on 5th February, is the 28th February thrown out? Or could it mean that we will see it in the UK and US on this date? At the moment there is no confirmation.

Should the Blackberry Z10 be launched by RIM just 6 days following its announcement then they will have pulled off an impressive feat and get points for keeping their existing and new customers happy.

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