BlackBerry Z10 & BB10: The Very Best Features Of BB10

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Blackberry 10 and the Z10 is one week old and it seems to have had a decent start over in the UK. This means that the chances are that it will also do very well in the other markets around the world. There will be some that say that the device and BB10 doesn’t offer enough to be able to compete with the two largest, Android and iOS, it is nice to see that they have made a large improvement to Blackberry OS. All we have to do is make sure that we have patience.

If you haven’t made up your mind just yet about the new OS on the BlackBerry Z10 then you should check out the best Blackberry 10 features in the videos.

The first of these was made two weeks before the release of the OS, however this doesn’t make any difference as the reviewer knew which 5 features they liked the best. You can skip past the first minute as this just tells you about the release of the operating system from Blackberry, formerly known as RIM.

The second video touches all bases and the quality is not very good, but the review is on the positive note and it does say that the keyboard on the handset is one of the best seen on any device. This means that Blackberry get a large tick for this as the keyboard could be make or break for those looking for a new handset.

It looks like social media is going to feature heavily in BB10 and another bonus point for Blackberry is that the camera software has the option to filter photos as in Instagram.

The final video focuses on a development device as the video was made in December. This is about the release of BB10 and it is not too much or loud and so you will be able to enjoy every detail without any annoyances. What we really like is the way that Blackberry have done the overlay on the home screen when scrolling to the next page.

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