BlackBerry World Apps Disappointing Despite BB10 Launch (Survey)

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Research from one of the leading discount websites in the UK has shown that many people in the UK don’t think that Blackberry World, the equivalent of Apple App Store on Blackberry, will be a patch on the iOS store.

BlackBerry World store may disappoint with apps but BB10 smartphones may not

The survey has shown that people in the UK have lost faith in Blackberry as around 67% of owners in the UK don’t believe that the Blackberry 10 OS will rival the Apple iPhone, more so when it comes to apps. undertook a survey with 2,196 owners of smartphones before the launch of the BB10 OS. The survey was based on reports about the features and it asked questions about the Blackberry World store.

One of these was whether Blackberry World would be able to equal the App Store at Apple. 67% said they thought not. When they were asked why 44% said that people had lost faith in Blackberry and 21% said that Blackberry would have a struggle on their hands to produce anything close to the iPhone App Store. 33% said that Blackberry World wouldn’t be able to come close to the sheer number of apps that there are for the iPhone.

34% of those asked were Blackberry owners and 26% said that they were getting the latest handset as soon as it came out. Out of the 66% who didn’t own a Blackberry, 18% said that they would choose one when they next upgraded and the reason for this was the facilities the rumoured device offered. Another 21% of people said that they were fed up with their device maker.

The chairman of said  “Whilst it was unsurprising to find out that the majority of people don’t think that the new BlackBerry World store could rival Apple’s, it was interesting to find out that almost a fifth of those that don’t have a BlackBerry are considering switching to a BlackBerry handset when they upgrade.”

He went on to say that “It will be interesting to see how the new BlackBerry will compete with the other well-established phones on the market. It does seem like this is a bit of a last hurrah for the brand, as the success of the new handsets could be make or break for the company.”

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