Blackberry Priv vs Nexus 6P vs Galaxy Note 5: Who’s Better?

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2015 was a tremendous year for smartphones. With so many to pick from, we’re literally spoilt for choice. But if were to pick the top 3 smartphones that have garnered immense popularity across our network of blogs, it’s mainly the Blackberry Priv, Google Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

These were the phones that were most talked-about in our blogs; garnering the most comments, had the most requested drop tests and also were the most popular stories. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise though, as they were also the top-selling Android smartphones right until Christmas last year.

Though the Blackberry Priv was a new contender, it did surprise many of its critics. The same could be said for Google’s Nexus 6P too – also a strong returning entry into the smartphone market. And lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 went on with its ever-growing popularity with sales numbers almost reaching the Galaxy S6.

It all boils down to one question now, which is the best among the three? If we had to pick a winner amongst them, we’d go for the Google Nexus 6P, just because of its stock Android build and phablet connections. What about you?

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