BlackBerry PRIV Failure Looks Similar To Microsoft Lumia

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The Blackberry PRIV has been facing the same issues as the Microsoft Lumia and this is that the handset hasn’t had what it takes to attract buyers. We say this as when the handset arrived in the US it came with a price tag of $750, before dropping to $499 and now within a year you can pick it up for half that price at $350.

The Blackberry PRIV in question isn’t compatible with US Cellular, Sprint and Verizon and the device hasn’t just been cut down in price in the US either. It comes with a price drop of $135 CAD, £80 and in Europe around 150 Euro cheaper.

You can get the Blackberry PRIV over on eBay and the handset is going to cost you less than $275. Accessories are also on offer and you can get 40% off at ShopBlackberry.

So it does look as though the Blackberry PRIV might suffer the same fate as the Microsoft Lumia as it doesn’t seem to be selling.

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