BlackBerry To Follow Nokia, Embrace Windows Phone 7 OS To Save Brand?

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Research In Motion (RIM) appears to be in a sorry financial situation that it just can’t shake off. The situation for the last quarter is that revenue for RIM has dropped by 33% with sales of devices getting less and less. They have also had to push back the BlackBerry 10 launch until next year due to technical problems, which led to a drop in RIM stocks of 14%.

Reuters: RIM’s options for BlackBerry include adopting Windows Phone 7 platform or network sale

IntoMobile cites Reuters as saying that the board of directors for RIM are feeling the strain of having to come up with an action plan to reverse this dire situation. One idea that is currently being considered is partnering somehow with Microsoft, which would mean that RIM could take on the Windows Phone rather than QNX on the BlackBerry 10 – also meaning they would not have to pay for their development of the device as Microsoft would fund it.

One other possibility is mentioned by IntoMobile, which is selling “RIM’s network infrastructure to a private equity firm. RIM could spin off this part of its business and let the buyer open it up to other handsets. In this scenario, RIM’s network would be considered an asset, which leaves room to legally split the network business from the handset business if it fails.”

Both of these ideas seem viable, but who knows what will be decided upon. Would you prefer BlackBerry adopt the Windows Phone platform in order to stay afloat or should they explore other opportunities?

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