Blackberry KeyOne Ready To Shut The Door On Display Issue

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Soon after the Blackberry KeyOne was released, users started complaining about the display which can be dislocated easily.

Blackberry later announce that they have fixed the issue but some people were still very skeptical. Well, it looks like users can stop worrying now. Youtuber JerryRigEevrything bought a few Blackberry KeyOne to test and see if the display is now secure and according to him, the display is now close to impossible to remove now.

Blackberry’s solution to the issue was to add a lot more adhesive to the display so that it won’t come off. The test showed that the display will stay in place even when heat is applied to it. It even stayed on in the bend test.

It seems like the lack of issue was the main reason why the display was popping out in the first place. You can watch the full video here and see for yourself.

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