Blackberry KEYone: Limited Edition To Match Brand

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Blackberry is coming out with a special limited edition Black KEYone. The device will be released in India as a limited unit model.

As exciting as that sounds, the only difference between the Black Blackberry KEYone model is the exterior colour, the rest of the device will remain the same so those that already own a KEYone won’t have to feel too sad.

The device is released in India and fans can get it from the Amazon store for INR39,900. We do not know how many units Blackberry will be offering or how long the device will be on there so if you are interested in getting yourself one, you might want to lock one down now.

The Blackberry KEYone is one of the rare few smartphones that actually comes with a physical keyboard now. While most manufacturers will choose not to have it, there are still a lot of consumers that like to have a physical keyboard and that is where the KEYone will come in.

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