BlackBerry KEY2 LE Still Can’t Let Physical Keyboard Die

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While most manufacturers have already accepted the fact that physical keyboard is the thing of the past, Blackberry still seems to be convinced that it is in demand as new report suggest that BlackBerry might be looking to offer a milder version of their Blackberry KEY2.

Just like the BlackBerry Key2, the KEY2 LE will most likely come with the physical keyboard as well but what else will the device have to offer? It is said that it will sport a 4.5 inch Full HD display with 1620 x 1080 resolution. The device should be running on the Snapdragon 636 with 4GB RAM and 32/64GB internal storage.

It will also come with two rear cameras, a 13MP and a 5MP camera. It will also be powered by a 3000mAh battery. One of the reasons why the KEY2 was a flop was because the device was mainly seen as an overpriced device with nothing too groundbreaking to offer.

That is why some people think the LE version could work since it will be cheaper and still has all the unique feature that the KEY2 had to offer. What do you think?