Black Ops 2 Zombie: Mob Of Death Release Date Confirmed

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According to, there is great news for fans of Black Ops 2 as there has been a release date for the DLC that follows Revolution. Uprising is coming out shortly and this will bring another four maps for multi-players and new zombie spin off.

The zombie map will have the title of Mob of The Dead. While it was a rumour last week, this week it has been confirmed by retailers in the US and should be here on 16th April in the US for the Xbox 360.

We did say the Vertigo and Studio would be two of the content coming our way. There is another two, Encore and Magma, which makes a total of four instead of the two that we first thought were coming.

There hasn’t been confirmation that Uprising will have a new weapon in it like the Peacemaker, however the reception was great for the weapon. Vertigo is said to be a remake of a map in Modern Warfare 2 which got cancelled. The attention will be focused on Mob of the Dead and no doubt there will be teasers coming.

So following playing Die Rise Easter Egg, what do you hope to see with Mob of The Dead?

We might have teams of celebrities again, such as was seen in Call of the Dead. This would be great and there have been many people suggested for the game. You may wish to check the new poster from Treyarch.

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