Black Ops 2 Crushes Halo 4 Sales, Doubles Up!

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Black Ops 2 has taken in $500 million in revenue around the globe within just 24 hours of the game going on sale. Activision has said that this makes it the largest entertainment launch of 2012.

Black Ops 2 records twice as many sales as Halo 4 on launch day

The COD franchise has gone back and forwards between Black Ops and Modern Warfare over the past few years and both have seen very splashy launches which have had eager gamers flocking to be among the first to get their hands on the latest release. COD brings in the money for the company and it is their biggest franchise.

COD is now something that people buy into, rather than just being a product that people buy. With each release each November, people enter into what is known as the Call of Duty season, and this is something that happens everywhere around the world.

Black Ops 2 took in more than the $220 million of Halo 4 in the first 24 hours. This game of course is only on Xbox 360 and PC, COD on the other hand is available on all gaming consoles.

Even with the superb sales Activision are saying that they are still cautious about this year and next year, thanks to the weak macroeconomic environment.

COD has remained as strong as ever for the time being, however console gaming has taken a hit thanks to people cutting back on their entertainment budget or moving it to casual mobile games. These happen to be cheaper or even free on tablets and smartphones. So is anyone surprised that Black Ops 2 had twice as many sales as Halo 4?

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