Black Ops 2 Running Strong Two Weeks On

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There isn’t anything to stop Black Ops 2 from being a runaway success as it continues to dominate the charts in the UK. The game has managed to hold off rivals going into the 2nd week since it was launched. The game is also dominating the online player figures and living rooms around the globe thanks to the Black Ops 2 Zombies add-on.

Black Ops 2 remains strong through 2nd week as well

Latest figures in the UK charts tell us that Black Ops 2 is still at the top for the second week in a row and of course it went straight to number one on launch. It will be hard for any game released to knock the title from the top spot. Hitman was the closest to knocking it form the top spot, when it came in in second place. The game has received positive reviews from critics.

However whether it will be able to take the top spot is not sure, but for now we have to wait for results next week. One game that could stand a chance of knocking it off is ZombiU for the Wii U, which is set to be released on 30th November.

However Wii U owners will be getting their version of Black Ops 2, which will then boost the sales of the game even more. For the time being Black Ops 2 is the king and it will take some beating to knock it from the pedestal.

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