Black Ops 2 Sales Looking Poor

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If you got your hands on the Call of Duty game when it came out then you might not have been all that bothered about the sales results. However you may be interested to know that the sales in the UK haven’t been all that good. Early indicators seem to suggest that Black Ops 2 may sell less than the original game did.

UK: Black Ops 2 sales look poor

It could be that people in the UK might be saving Black Ops 2 as a Christmas gift, or maybe people were put off by all the issues that people were having on the PS3. These included the game freezing, crashing and the console restarting on its own accord. Whatever the reason, it seems that sales in the UK are down and this news comes through sources which include Chart-Tracks. Activision did say that they had record sales of more than $500 million worldwide in 24 hours, Halo 4 sold $220 million around the world in the same time on the Xbox 360.

Of course the numbers during the first 24 hours of the game going on sale could be thanks to the die-hard fans of the game, however may drop off later for many reasons.

Fans were given a patch for Black Ops 2 on the PS3, so if you own this version of the game it could fix the issues of freezing.

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