Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC For Wii U: Let The Jealousy Flow

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There has been good news for fans of the PS3 as Treyarch confirmed the release date for the Revolution DLC pack. The content was released first to the Xbox 360 console as Microsoft has exclusive rights to it and it comes with four new maps along with a new zombie map called Die Rise.

PS3 owners along with PC owners are able to get their hands on the content from 28th February and the wait has been a long one, however it shouldn’t have come as any surprise as there is always a wait for add-ons for COD.

Along with the maps Treyarch have thrown in a DLC weapon for the first time by way of the Peacekeeper SMG. The weapon is a solid one and you can check it out in the diamond camo video.

One of the best bits for the DLC is Die Rise, this is a vertical zombie game set in a skyscraper in China. Features include the Squilifier weapon, perk machines which can be found in elevators and gameplay called Turned in which you can play as a zombie.

But when can we expect to see the game on the Wii U. up to now Treyarch have not said anything about when Revolution will be on the way. However owners of the Wii U must be wondering what is happening right now.

Owners of the PS3 and the PC can get Revolution for $15 on 28th February.

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