Black Ops 2 Revolution Cheats: Heavily Arm Your Entire Team

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Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC is now out for Season Pass holders of the Xbox 360 and it has brought with it four new maps, plus one of which is Die Rise, a zombie map, which has players fighting zombies and trying to work out the Easter Egg.

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Die Rise cheats: sliquifiers all round

The new Black Ops 2 DLC offers new wonder weapons, in the form of the Sliquifier, which as the name suggests, gives gamers a new way to kill zombies very slickly.

In the Green Run you had the Jet gun once you collected the parts of the gun that was scattered throughout the game; and the wonder weapon is the same this time around. You have to search to find the parts, however there is a video which shows you where the parts are if you need some help (see below).

Once you have all the parts you then have the full weapon and you are able to kill zombies in the Die Rise map with just one shot. The weapon will make a mess on the floor and this does have an effect on zombies and players if you stand in it. When you have built the weapon you can find it in the mystery box.

You can pack a punch with the gun as there is a way for all team members to get their hands on the gun at the same time to make sure your squad is heavily armed. When you are collecting the parts of the weapon all of the players need to hold down the button together at the same time, if you manage this then all team members get the Sliquifier instead of just one in the Revolution DLC.

You should check out the video if you cannot find the parts and we can confirm that the cheat does work. We are not sure though if Treyarch intended this or if it is a glitch in the game.

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