Black Ops 2 Revolution: Die Rise Zombies Map Easter Egg!

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Rumours have been flying around about the upcoming DLC for Black Ops 2 which is said to be called Revolution. Players will get 4 new multi-player maps, one of which is a zombie map called Die Rise. Gamers will see the DLC on 29th January and we have some juicy details about the DLC. One of these is that there will be an Easter Egg that you will have to solve in the game.

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC: Die Rise Zombies map spoilers

One game player said that he had the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC some weeks before its release. However he didn’t say how he did this. He has talked about the zombie map and the map has links to the original Der Riese map, which was originally featured in Call of Duty: World at War.

The following information could spoil the game for you so you may not want to read past this point, however if you are interested then read on.

It seems that Black Ops 2 may take place back in Germany and there could be four main regions of Tranzit, which were seen in Green Run.

T.E.D.D the robot driver makes another appearance, except that this time he is dressed as a farmer and he drives a cart. You can use this to explore the City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

The gamer says that you can go back to Der Riese to undertake an achievement in the map pack. This is called “Where it all started” and here you need to find a giant. Interestingly in Germany Der Riese is a giant. This tells you that the Easter Egg is going to take players into the old map.

Maybe this is a pattern as Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten in Green Run. At the moment these are just rumours. However it does sound very interesting. You may also  want to ask yourself if Black Ops 2 did get hacked, what security is there and how many people have managed to get their hands on the Revolution DLC before its release?

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