Black Ops 2 Revolution: Die Rise Zombies Lay An Easter Egg

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There have been a lot of rumours going around about the DLC for Black Ops 2 which comes with the name of Revolution. The map brings with it four new multi-maps, and one bonus map that is Die Rise. The DLC was launched on 29th January for Xbox 360 and since then confirming all the speculations we’ve been hearing about the game, one of which happens to be the Easter Egg that you will need to solve.

Black Ops 2 Revolution Die Rise map: Easter egg

One Easter egg is how the Black Ops 2 Revolution Die Rise zombie map is linked to the original map that was in COD World at War.

We have some information about this below and so you may not want to read any further down if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

There will be four regions, which we have seen in Green Run. You will meet T.E.D.D, the robot driver who looks like a farmer and who will drive you around the regions in a cart. You use this to take you around the City, the Village, Nuclear Plant and the Railroad Station.

Gamers will need to be able to go back to Der Riese so they can do an achievement and this has the title of “Where it all started.” This is the place where you will have to find a giant. In German the name for giant is Der Riese. This will tell you that you will have to go back to the old map with the Easter Egg.

This could well be a pattern as Treyarch Der Untoten in Green Run.

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