Black Ops 2 Misery For PS3 Users

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Whenever a new game launches there is typically problems and Black Ops 2 COD has not been any different. However what people didn’t expect is the large amount of problems with the game on the PS3.

Black Ops 2 PS3 patch has bugs too

People now want the patch 1.03 for the game and they want it ASAP. This is needed to fix the issue with the PS3 crashing every couple of hours when playing the game. Often Black Ops 2 will freeze and in many cases the PS3 console will restart when in the middle of Black Ops 2 in multiplayer of Zombies. Hundreds of readers have been complaining about the issue and it is just not acceptable.

Activision did get to work on support and updates, however there have been many messages on Twitter saying that the problem has also been noticed on the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game. PC players see the game crash and they have been told to update their driver. Crashing on the PS3 however can only be remedied by a patch.

Another problem that has plagued owners of the PS3 and the game is not being able to connect to servers. Activision has said that matchmaking changes will fix the issues with the servers. However at the moment we don’t know when the fixes will be sent out.

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