Black Ops 2 For PS3 Is Buggy As Hell

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We’ve had our hands on the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 for a couple of days and just like a lot of gamers on the PS3, we’ve seen problems with the game freezing at certain points. Audio also freezes and sounds like a rap when you play online. The problems are very annoying, despite the fact that it hasn’t stopped us from playing the zombies mode.

Black Ops 2 PS3 bugs are annoying but let’s the game continue

Activision is aware of the issue and the said that they are working on a fix for connection problems which causes the PS3 to freeze with Black Ops 2. Some gamers have even gone as far as to tell others not to get the game until the issues have been fixed. Some users have said that they have problems connecting to Black Ops 2 and they hope that the issue will be fixed before double XP points start at the weekend.

One of the most reported issues was that Black Ops 2 freezes on multiplayer, while some have said that that their console freezes every hour or two, leaving them with no other alternative but to do a hard reset.

So have you had problems with Black Ops 2 on your PS3 or what about the Xbox 360? It is hoped that a patch will be rushed out so that those on the PS3 will be able to enjoy the game as it should be.

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