Black Ops 2 For PS3: Say Hello To Bug City

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Everywhere you look online PS3 owners are complaining about Black Ops 2. While it could be a hard task for the developers to find out what is causing all the issues, it seems that some owners of the PS3 know what is wrong. Some have said that the patch 1.02 is making things worse, and one player says that this is what he was told by a store employee at a gaming outlet too.

Black Ops 2 PS3 bugs

The problems relating to Black Ops 2 will depend on what player you are and how you play the game. Users hate the fact that they are told that more players are needed to balance the game. This is even more annoying if you have timed the game to play with a friend and then you have problems with connection.

On testing two PS3 consoles the folks over at Product-Reviews found that they constantly crashed and froze when in multi-player mode and when trying to play zombies.

Some users are now saying that you shouldn’t update to the patch and this is a very unusual thing to hear. One store told one user not to do this as this is what has caused problems with Black Ops 2.

One thing is clear and that is that a software update is indeed needed to remedy what appears to be some major problems with Black Ops 2 for PS3 fans.

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