Black Ops 2 Squabble Brings About Extreme Measures

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An interesting story from the world of Black Ops 2 has come about and it tells us that some members of the community over at COD are not happy when certain players get above them on the leader boards online.

Black Ops 2 squabble for top spot on leaderboard

Product-Reviews reports that it has been said that the on the Xbox 360 the number one player for the game erased his statistics and then started again from scratch. This was after he said that he couldn’t play Black Ops 2 online due to attempts to hack his internet connection in DDOS attacks.

There have been stories of how some players have made their way to the top of the board by hacking and Treyarch have stepped in and laid down the law. However it seems that when it comes to the case of “Retrominano”, he has used skill and experience to get to the top on his own. His glory seems to have been short lived thanks to players that cannot deal with the fact that he is a better player than them.

Of course we do not want to stereotype any COD youth who is rage induced, who may be or may not be responsible for this. However it does make you stop and think who might consider doing such a thing, just from jealousy of a game. There has been a lot of criticism towards COD from those who don’t play it, who have said that it is a game for kids and this claim might justify that.

“Retrominano” has gone back to level 1 of the game and now he is able to play without the worry of being hacked, unless of course someone were to target him by his IP every time he plays. So whoever is next to hit the top spot might be worrying that they will suffer the same fate. The next question to ask is whether Treyarch should protect the top players or at the very least do all they can to find out who makes personal attacks on top players.

It could be very difficult to pick out an offender of course, so for now we will have to wait and see if any more trouble occurs on the leaderboard. If you happen to be on it, let us know what you think about the player having to delete his status and start again, so that he can play peacefully.

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