Black Ops 2 On Sale Already, You Can Grab A Copy Today Of The Hardened Edition On Disc Via 1 Retailer

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It seems that just like all of the other Call of Duty games that have come out over the years; the new Black Ops 2 has become a victim of leaks. It seems that some gamers have been lucky enough to get their hands on the Hardened Edition, two weeks before the game should officially go on sale. The game should have been on sale on 13th November.

Black Ops 2  disc version leaked

Activison are well known to be adverse to their games leaking and when they hear about this they are going to be very unhappy with a certain European retailer from Slovakia. The retailer is apparently selling copies of the Hardened Edition of the game already reports Product-Reviews. Photos have been posted online which clearly show the game in the retail packaging for the premium edition. This also includes the bonus Black Ops 2 medallions.

While the photos look to be legitimate there is still some questions of the authenticity of them as the photos didn’t show the game disc. However, a German website has shown new photos with the game disc, which seems to confirm that the game is selling before the expected date.

The leak would mean that gamers are able to play the single player campaign before 13th November. They could sample the zombie map Green Run offline.

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