Activision Confirms 5 Black Ops 2 Maps & Weapons DLC

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At the end of December there were details posted about the upcoming Revolution map pack for Black Ops 2. Now we can report that this is legit.

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Map pack makes appearance on official Activision mobile site

Activision haven’t actually come out and saidc it, however its mobile website for COD have confirmed the official name, along with some images.

The images clearly tell us that the Black Ops 2 DLC maps will be out on 29th January for the Xbox 360. However it is thought that Treyarch will follow their pattern and release the maps on the other consoles, including PC, one month after they come out for the Xbox 360.

So what does the map packs for COD Season Pass holders who have paid out 1200 Microsoft points or $15, offer? If the details are legitimate then there will be four maps plus a zombie map and a weapon DLC.

The Black Ops 2 maps are Hydro, Downhill, Mirage and Grind, while the zombie map is Die Rise and the weapon Peacekeeper SMG.

The new maps are a surety, but what is worth taking note of is the Treyarch seem to be planning their first weapon DLC. Let’s just hope that this will not mess things up with the balance of the game, or that it can be patched if it does. Check out a screenshot taken from the official Activision mobile site below.

Black Ops 2 DLC pack confirmed

Black Ops 2 DLC pack confirmed

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