Black Ops 2 DLC: Die Rise Zombies Map Makes It 5!

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All has been quiet on the DLC front for Black Ops 2 since the game was released in November. Fans know that four map packs are coming out, as these will be in the Season Pass. The first of these packs could have made an unofficial appearance as a poster has been spotted which reveal Revolution as being the first content. This brings four multi-player maps, along with a bonus new zombie map.

Black Ops 2 DLC: Die Rise Zombies bonus map

Traditionally four maps are released with each pack of maps, however if Activision and Treyarch are giving an extra map to holders of the Season Pass for Black Ops 2, this would be excellent news. The poster seems to be the real thing, however at the moment there hasn’t been confirmation.

Should the poster for Black Ops 2 be the real deal, Revolution would bring maps called Hydro, Downhill, Grind and Mirage. The poster shows images of these, but it is the map called Die Rise, which has people talking.

If you like games with zombies then you might know that the name of the map is very similar to that in the World at War, Der Riese. At the moment we don’t known if these two are connected in any way. The poster shows the Die Rise map with skyscrapers, and of course this would be different from the German Nazi facility used in the Der Rise game.

The information on the Black Ops 2 DLC poster does suggest that Revolution would be coming out on 29th January, so there isn’t long to wait for the first of these maps to be revealed. As usual it will be owners of the Xbox 360 who will get their hands on the maps first, and those without a season pass can buy it for $14.99. Of course Activision have not yet made this official, so at the moment it is only a rumour.

Black Ops 2 DLC Maps

Black Ops 2 DLC Maps

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