Black Ops 2 Die Rise: Braaaains….. Welcome To The Undead

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It looks like the first DLC for Black Ops 2 is called Revolution, and there’s lots of chatter about the Der Riese zombie map. Official word had placed this map in the Far East rather than Germany, though.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise zombies map includes “Turned” mode

Treyarch has gone a step further, as there’s an exclusive weapon in the DLC, as well as a new mode called Turned.

Zombie fans will love this, and Treayarch has finally indulged its fans by giving them the opportunity to be the zombie and kill humans!

This is a fab twist on the genre, and should provide hours of gory fun. Once you catch and kill a human, you will take the place of that human and will be the only real human on the map. You’ll have to dodge the other zombies! Treyarch has revealed some of the gameplay in a Revolution teaser, so you should have a look.

The Black Ops 2 Turned DLC is different in that you can visit all of the zombie maps, not just Die Riese. You can go to Green Run, but Treyarch is staying mum about other features that may be in the mode. All we know is that players get points for humans.

There’s likely to be much more to the mode than just shuffling around offing the innocent, though – you may have to unlock things, like a weapon seen in the original zombie game. This facility might only come to light once you’ve achieved a certain level in Turned.

The Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC is set to be out on 29 January, and Xbox players will get it first. If you have a season pass you can get it free, otherwise you’ll have to buy it. Are you ready to become one of the undead? You don’t have long to wait to find out.

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