Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies Map: Check Them Guns Out!

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We all know that the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC will have the additional Die Rise Zombie map as a bonus. However there is not much else known about the map so far. Let’s recap the little tidbits that have come to light and then talk about what else is new.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies wonder weapons

For one, we already know that the Die Rise Zombies map will be based in China. Secondly there is now a Turned mode which will let you play the zombie and hunt down the soldiers instead.

Now there is some even better news. There is confirmation that brand new wonder weapons are coming to Die Rise. If you’ve enjoyed TranZit zombies on Green Run then you know of the jet gun, or the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 which is the latest to join the Black Ops 2 wonder weapon family.

Of course we expect more wonder weapons and in particular would like to see the  wunderwaffe which when upgraded has the ability to take out up to two dozen zombies at one go. Then there are other favorites like the ray gun. Whatever it may be, we can’t wait to see what artillery the developer has planned for the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC.

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