Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies Gameplay Spoilers Galore!

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There’s been loads of rumours about the first Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC. It’s believed to bring four new multi-player maps, including a bonus zombie map called Die Rise. This DLC is thought to be out on 29 January and there are a few details about it out now. For one there’s an Easter egg which players have to solve.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies gameplay spoilers leaked

One gamer claims he’s bagged the DLC weeks ahead of everyone else, by hacking the developer, although he didn’t elaborate on this. He talked about his experiences of playing the zombie map, and apparently it’s linked to the Der Riese map from COD: World at War.

The rest of this piece may be a spoiler, so you might want to avert your eyes now.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise is set in Germany, with four areas of Tranzit, as seen in Green Run. You’ll meet T.E.D.D., a robot driver. He’ll be dressed as a farmer and will be driving a cart rather than a bus. This cart takes you to four areas – City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

Gamers should be able to go back to Der Riese to do a task in the Black Ops 2 map. This task is thought to be called Where it All Started. You need to find a giant – called Der Riese – and this is a good indication that the Easter egg takes gamers back to the older map.

This may be a pattern similar to Treyarch in Nacht der Untoten in Green Run. These are just rumours, but it all seems possible. However, if Black Ops 2 Revolution was hacked, what sort of security does the company have in place, and who else has played this DLC already?

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