Black Ops 2 Die Rise: Zombies OK But This’ll Blow Hard!

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The Revolution DLC has come out for Black Ops 2 and with it comes 5 new maps. However the one which has gained the most attention is the zombie map Die Rise.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise map has more than just zombies

There has been news come out about the map along with details and there will be a new boss that will breathe fire. What are we talking about? Those playing Die Rise will have to beat more than just zombies as there will be a dragon boss!

The zombie map came out on Tuesday and Xbox 360 owners who have the Season Pass got their hands on the content first, while PS3 and PC owners will have to wait until next month to get the DLC.

Treyarch have mixed things up and this has meant that the DLC had gained much attention. For instance gamers will have to make their way from the roof of the building down to ground level and fight off zombies along the way.

The list of 10 achievements had been posted online before the DLCs release and this told gamers that at some point in the game they would come face to face with fiery blows from a dragon. It seems that this will happen before round two. At the moment there is no word on what Black Ops 2 gamers might get from beating it, other than the achievement.

There is also an achievement which means that you will have to use the pack a punch machine, this allows the gamer to get all perks in Black Ops 2. This should not pose an issue for those who are hard core game players. Just what the Easter Egg entails is unknown right now, but you can be sure that when we find out you will know too.

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