Black Ops 2 DLC Easter Egg Spoilers Teased In 5th Map

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Rumours about the DLC pack for Black Ops 2 with the name of Revolution have been flying around. If the rumours are true then gamers will be getting 4 multi-player maps along with a bonus map with the name of Die Rise, featuring zombies. The map pack will be coming out on 29th January and there has been some talk of Die Rise having an Easter Egg.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombie DLC spoiler

One player has said that he had been playing Revolution for around three weeks, thanks to a hack, which he wouldn’t explain how he go. Whether this is actually true or not is anyone guess. He has however been telling people about his experience with the DLC and the links to the Der Riese map, which was on the COD: World at War.

The following may spoil the Black Ops 2 DLC for you so you may not want to read on. It has been suggested that Die Rise will be set in Germany and there will be four regions of Tranzit, which have been seen on Green Run.

Once again T.E.D.D, the robot driver, will make an appearance. However this time around he takes on the guise of a farmer and he drives a wagon, not a bus. Through the game you have to travel to four different regions in the wagon. The regions are said to be City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

An interesting rumour is that players may be able to go back to Der Riese and complete a goal in Black Ops 2 Revolution. Rumour has it that is called “Where it all started” in the description it says that you have to find the giant. If you know any German then you will know that in Germany a giant is called Der Riese. It doesn’t take a genius to add two and two and realise that the Easter Egg is going back to the old map.

Some thought has to be given to Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten, in the Green Run, and this may suggest a pattern. Of course these are all rumours right now, but they are very interesting to fans of the game.

However if Black Ops 2 has been hacked it does make you wonder about the security used by Treyarch, and also just how many other people have been able to hack in and get it.

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