Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies DLC: New Scare-Tactics

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The first DLC for the Black Ops 2 game is Revolution and owners of the Xbox 360 season pass will get four new maps, and a bonus map that comes with the name of Die Rise. Activision has released a trailer that is celebrity themed and this will coincide with the release of the DLC (see below).

Black Ops 2 Die Rise map: new tactics hinted in trailer

Treyarch have released a new zombie map and you can be sure that they have included features that are fresh. We already know that gamers can look forward to new wonder weapons and there are items that have to be built in TranZit mode; and it now also looks as though the zombie moves may be shaken up too.

When you watch the video, stop it at the 2:18 mark and you can see a Speed Cola machine while moving up the elevator shaft. Treyarch could have put this in to give a hint for a new tactic in the game.

It seems that players will have to undertake certain tasks in order to get the elevator moving so as to get your fix for Speed Cola and be able to reload faster in order to take on all the zombies. This has led to some speculation as to whether or not all of the machines will now be linked with elevators, or if this is a single machine that is special. Treyarch could have put the Speed Cola machine in a hot spot of zombies and players at both ends of the entrance to the elevator having to provide protection for the player using the machine.

It seems to be very interesting and one thing for sure is that the new tactics will play a part before the gamer is able to use the machine.

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