Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies DLC: Hello Easter Egg!

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There have been plenty of rumours going around about a DLC for Black Ops 2 called Revolution. If so then gamers would get 4 new multi-player maps and a zombie map, with the name of Die Rise. The pack is said to be making its way out on 29th January and some details have come out on Die Rise, one of which talks about an Easter Egg.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombie map Easter egg hint

One game player has said that he had got Revolution three weeks before everyone else through hacking, which he has explained how exactly. So this could or could not be true, however he had told people about his experiences with the map, which seems to have links to the Der Riese map which was seen in Call of Duty:World at War.

You could class the following information as being a spoiler for the Black Ops 2 DLC, so you may wish to stop reading right now. Die Rise will take place in Germany and it will have four regions of Tranzit, which were seen on Green Run.

T.E.D.D will be the robot driver and he makes his return with a disguise of a farmer who is driving a wagon, this used to be a bus. In the game you will travel around the four regions in the wagon and these are City, Village, Nuclear Plant and the Railroad Station.

What is interesting is the fact that you may be able to return to Der Riese in order to complete an achievement in the Black Ops 2 Revolution pack. This is thought to be called “Where it all started.” The description of it tells you that you have to “discover the giant.” Those with knowledge will know that in German, the giant is called Der Riese. Therefore you have to put two and two together and you reach the conclusion that this is part of an Easter Egg which will have you going back to the old map.

You may give some thought to Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten in the Green Run, and with this in mind there could be a pattern here. At the moment this is nothing more than a rumour, but it is a very interesting one.

You do have to ask yourself if Black Ops 2 has been hacked, what happened to the security measures of Treyarch and how many others have got it already?

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