Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombie Map Teasers: New Moves

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Revolution is the first DLC for Black Ops 2 and it will bring with it four new map packs to owners with the season pass on the Xbox 360, along with a bonus zombie map with the name of Die Rise. Activision has newly revealed a celebrity themed trailer that is to coincide with the release of the DLC and there is a hidden new zombie feature in it.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies Map: new moves teased

When Treyarch reveal a new zombie map you can also count on them including features that are fresh. It is already known that there will be new wonder weapons and items to be built in the TranZit mode, and now the zombie moves will be shaken up again.

When watching the trailer you should stop the video when it reaches 2:18. Here you can see a Speed Cola machine going up in the shaft of an elevator, which Treyarch could have put in as a Teaser to hint at a new game feature.

It seems that players will have to undertake certain tasks in order to get the elevator moving so as to get your fix for Speed Cola and be able to reload faster in order to take on all the zombies. This has led to some speculation as to whether or not all of the machines will now be linked with elevators, or if this is a single machine that is special. Treyarch could have put the Speed Cola machine in a hot spot of zombies and players at both ends of the entrance to the elevator having to provide protection for the player using the machine.

Whatever happens, it will be an interesting mix up to how the game will be played. However one thing is for sure and that is that these new moves will play a part before being able to use the machine.

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