Black Ops 2 Die Rise: Forget Zombies, Dragons Be Coming!

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The Revolution DLC maps for Black Ops 2 is composed of 5 maps but it is Die Rise, the zombie map, that has gotten the most attention.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Map: dragon sighting

Now we have some news for you in the form of new details about this map. There is a new boss making its way to Die Rise and it may be in the disguise of a dragon that the gamer will have to beat in order to get their hands on a new achievement.

Die Rise was revealed on Tuesday and those on the Xbox 360 with a season pass got their hands on the content first. Owners of the PC and PS3 will have to wait one month before they get the DLC.

There has been anticipation for the pack as Treyarch mixed things about when they added in something different. Those playing the game will begin on the roof of the building and will have to get to the bottom while they fight off zombies.

Before its release the list of ten achievements in Die Rise was leaked and it says that at some point in the game players will come across a dragon. This means that the gamer will meet the dragon head on before they start round two. So it looks like you will see the beast early on in the game. At the moment there is no word on what it offers apart from the achievement.

There is also an achievement where players have to make use of the pack a punch machine, which allows you to get your hands on all the perks of the Black Ops 2 game at the same time. If you are a hard-core player then it shouldn’t pose a problem. At the moment what the Easter Egg entails has not been fully revealed, however when we find out we will let you know. Play on!

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