Black Ops 2 Die Rise Map: More Gameplay Spoilers

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Many rumours have been going around about the upcoming DLC for Black Ops 2, Revolution. The DLC brings fans of the game four new multi-maps, along with a bonus one featuring zombies with the name of Die Rise. The DLC is expected to be released on 29th January and we have heard juicy details about the zombie map, along with finding out about an Easter Egg gamers will have to solve.

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC: Die Rise Map gameplay spoilers

One gamer recently said that they got their hands on the DLC before it was released, but he wouldn’t say just how. He has told us about the DLC gameplay and that the zombies map has links that take gamers to the Der Riese map which was in the Call of Duty: World at War.

Below there is information that could spoil the DLC for you, when you get it. On the other hand it provides useful information into the DLC, so you choose if you want to read the spoilers after this point.

The gamer has said that Die Rise takes you to Germany and four regions of Tranzit, these were seen in Green Run.

You will have T.E.D. to help drive you around in a cart, and he is dressed as a farmer. You will be able to visit the City, Village, the Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

You have to go back to the Der Riese map from the original game to undertake an achievement, which is called “Where is all started.” Here you will find a giant and this is where the name comes in, as in Germany the giant is called Der Riese. This tells you that the Easter Egg is based on the old map.

You may see a pattern here as Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten in Green Run. If it is true the next big question is just how did someone managed to hack Black Ops 2 and get around security in order to get a copy of the Revolution DLC already. It makes you wonder how many others have played the DLC already too?

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