More Black Ops 2 Die Rise Map Details [Warning: Spoilers]

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There have been lots of rumours online related to the Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2, which is just around the corner. The DLC offers four new multi-maps and a zombie map with the name of Die Rise. The DLC is said to be coming out to gamers on 29th January and there has been details about the zombie map posted, and news about an Easter Egg, which those playing the game will have to solve.

Black Ops 2 Revolution gameplay: Die Rise Zombies map spoilers

A gamer has said that he has been playing the DLC for weeks before it has been released. However he has not said how he managed to get his hands on it before the official release. He has provided information about the DLC and in particular the zombie map, which has links back to the Der Riese map that was in COD: World at War.

We have information that could spoil the DLC for you and so you might not want to read beyond this point.

The gamer has told us that Die Rise will take you back to Germany and four regions of Tranzit, which were first seen in Green Run. T.E.D.D is around again and this time he has the disguise of a farmer and will transport you to the City, Village, Nuclear Plant and the Railroad Station.

Gamers will be taken back into the Der Riese original map in order for them to undertake an achievement. This has the name of “Where it all started.” You will have to find a giant, and anyone who knows any German will know that in German, Der Riese is the giant. This gives a good indication that the Easter Egg has been based on the old map.

You could see a pattern emerge here as Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten in the Green Run.

If things turn out true then you have to ask how someone managed to get past the security of Black Ops 2 and how many others have been able to do so too.

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