Black Ops 2 Die Rise Map: Come Across This Easter Egg Yet?

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There have been a lot of rumours going around regarding Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC and as the DLC has now made its way onto the Xbox 360 console we know a lot more about it.

Black Ops 2 Revolution: Die Rise map Easter egg

It appears that Die Rise is a bonus map along with four multi-maps and it was revealed on 29th January to owners of the Xbox 360 who have the Season pass. There has been many interesting things said about the DLC, including the fact that Die Rise holds an Easter Egg which gamers have to solve.

The zombie map will take players back into the Der Riese map that was originally seen in COD: World at War. If you have not played the DLC then you may not want to continue reading as it could be a spoiler.

Die Rise comes with four different areas to explore, which were seen in Green Run. T.E.D.D is there to help again and he is dressed as a farmer. He will take you in his cart around the Village, City, Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

In order to do the achievement you will have travel back into Der Riese  and do the achievement with the name of “Where it all started” and this means that you will have to find the giant. In German, the giant, is called Der Riese, so this provides you with the clue that the old map comes with an Easter Egg.

This may be a patter as of course Treyarch out Nacht Der Untoten in Green Run.

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