Black Ops 2 Die Rise DLC Shocker: You’re The Zombie!

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Revolution has been already somewhat announced by Activision via their mobile site. This is the first DLC for the game Black Ops 2. There had been lots of speculation going around about the zombie game map Die Rise and now official details are now available about the map, which is set in the Far East and not Germany, as was rumoured.

More Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies DLC details

Treyarch have decided to take the COD DLC a step further as they have not just brought in an exclusive weapon to the DLC, but also a new game mode, which is called Turned.

If you are a fan of zombie games this will be a must have game. Treyarch have finally given fans what they want since the starting of the spin off. Turned will be a brand new mode in Revolution, which gamers will be playing as the zombie and the mission is to take out every human within the game.

This is a great twist and the game sounds like a lot of fun as when you catch and kill a human you are then transformed into a human, the only one on the map actually, and all the other zombies will then be after you. Treyarch did reveal some gameplay by way of a teaser for Revolution, so you may wish to check out the video if you cannot wait for its release.

One of the great things about Turned is that is seems to be playable on all of the zombie maps and it will not just be an exclusive to Die Rise. We watched some of the gameplay on the Green Run, however at the moment no specifics have been given out by Treyarch on what some of the additional features many be in the mode, other than you get points for killing humans. Let’s just hope that there will be more to it than just killing humans. Treyarch could have made it so that you have to unlock things and one of these could be a weapon from the original zombies. However this would be only after gamers had done a certain achievement in the Turned mode.

Revolution will be coming out on 29th January and Xbox 360 players will be the first to get their hands on the DLC. Those with the Season Pass will be able to get it free, while you can also get it by purchasing it on its own. So will you be getting the DLC and what do you think about the new zombie map? Have you been waiting to play as a zombie and kill humans?

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