Black Ops 2 Has No Campaign Mode & Why It’s OK

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There has been a great deal of speculation about the campaign mode in the game Black Ops 2 Zombies. This surrounds the fact that there is no official campaign mode in the game. However you will not miss it as Treyarch has made up for it by giving us three modes for the zombie effort.

Black Ops 2 has no campaign mode but makes up for it in other ways

Fans were startled to see screenshots of the game leaked showing that there was a campaign mode in an internal Black Ops 2 beta of the game, when there wasn’t supposed to be. However it turns out that the leaked images were fake. While at first it was disappointing to find out that it was missing, there is evidence that players will not miss the campaign mode as there is plenty of new content to enjoy.

There will be three modes on the game, Survival, Tranzit and Grief. Survival is much like the traditional way of playing and Tranzit and Grief are two totally new ways to play.

Treyarch have shown us one thing and that is that they are not scared to mix it up in order to bring a new experience to players on the 13th November.

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