[ALERT] Black iPhone 5 Delicate, Many Scratched Out Of Box

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Early reports of the iPhone 5 on the internet have said that customers are noticing that the iPhone 5 in black scratches very easily reports MacWorld. There have been reports that the handset has even arrived with scratches on it.

Black iPhone 5 scratches easily

Numerous concerns have been reported about the slate back and the sides of the iPhone 5, which have been designed in anodised aluminum. Owners of the new handset claim that the slate covering on the device wears off very easily and this makes the handset looked scuffed. The issue is not thought to be affecting the white version of the device.

MacRumours have held a poll asking for any information and 39% of owners have reported scuffing on the back of the device.

Pocket-Lint meanwhile has also reported that the iPhone 5 does have problems, saying that the edge of the black handset wears to show shiny silver aluminium underneath the slate coating. This had been seen on two different phones, so it was not a fluke in the manufacturing.

A photo was shown online of an in store demo handset that had a scratched surface after being abused by a forum poster over at Overclockers. This is something that you might want to consider if you tend to keep keys in your pocket, along with your iPhone 5.

It could be that the problems are just what you would expect to be seen with the first run of a new device, which generally have defects. However you would expect better from Apple as they have strict quality control.

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