iPhone 5 Scratches Easily, Apple Says That’s “Normal”

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The new iPhone 5 comes with an aluminum chassis covering the back and sides – with the black model featuring an anodised black on black. Now if you own an iPod then you will know all about the problems with scuffing and scratching that metal brings.

iPhone 5 scuffs easy, Apple says it is expected

With the combination of matte black and polished bezel, the iPhone 5 seems to show off wear and tear a great deal easier. If you write on it with your fingernail and tilt it towards the light, you can see what you wrote! Some people don’t mind the worn in look, however there are others who want to ensure that their device remains shiny and new looking. These people are not happy about the new design of the iPhone 5, and Apple does not seem to be bothered.

Vice President of marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller said that any aluminum would chip and scratch when it is used and this would reveal the silver colour underneath, which of course is normal.

However there is no getting away from the fact that the back of the iPhone 5 does scratch and scuff more than that of the iPhone 4 and the 4S. On saying this, the iPhone 4S glass does shatter easily if dropped and the back of the iPhone 3G and 3GS cracks very easily. Maybe you can’t have everything, but let’s just hope that Apple come up with a way to strengthen the aluminium finishes of their iPhone 5; otherwise you may be better off putting it in bumper bars or a case.

Have you had any problems with the back of your new iPhone 5?

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