Black iPad Mini 3G Pictures Leaked, May Scuff As Easy As iPhone 5

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Word was leaked yesterday of the announcement date for the iPad Mini and even some mock up photos. Today leaked iPad mini parts have been seen online in photos that we haven’t seen before.

Black iPad mini 3G pictures leaked, resembles iPhone 5

The leaked photos come from UkranianiPhone and show the black case of the iPad Mini. The majority of the mock up photos we have seen so far have shown us that the iPad Mini might have a grey aluminium back, just like the iPad. However today’s photos reveal that the iPad Mini looks more like the Nexus 7, thanks to the back panel being made in the same anodized aluminium that was used on the iPhone 5.

The only problem if the photos are true, is that the device may be prone to scuffs and scratching just like the back of the iPhone 5? As we reported late last month, there have been numerous complaints about the aluminum body of the iPhone 5 being a little too easy to scuff. Some buyers have even received their iPhone 5 “pre-scuffed” out of the box.

The iPad Mini of course is rumored to launch at the end of this month and be in stores by early November. It will go up against the likes of the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Its rumored price tag is around $250 but given that this leaked model is supposedly 3G capable, it may cost more.

Black iPad Mini 3G pictures leaked

Black iPad Mini 3G pictures leaked

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