Black iPad Mini 2 Images Surface, Drool-worthy

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Fans of Apple have been waiting to hear about the rumoured iPad Mini 2 and yesterday morning techies were dizzy with anticipation.

SidhTech said that Apple have had a launch of the iPad Mini 2 which is the follow up to the current iPad Mini. They say that it will be released in spring of this year and that it will be available in matte black.

The blog didn’t reveal anything about specs and fans have been waiting for Apple to tell them what to expect. The Apple iPad 4 arrived less than one year after its predecessor and so it’s not unusual for us to see a replacement for the iPad Mini so soon.

iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2

Update: An update said that as this was April Fools Day, the iPad Mini 2 is nothing more than a prank from the guys over at SidhTech!

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